Have a Wild Weekend for Wales 26 -28 October 2012

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September 2012

A month has flown by since my last set of ramblings was circulated so it is no bad thing that I at least attempt to tell you what has been happening during September.  September is an odd month for an MP.  Whilst we return to Parliament for two weeks and a few days we are then back on recess in order to facilitate the conference season

Tidy Wales Week 17 – 23 September 2012

Keep Wales Tidy are hoping that people living in every corner of the country will show how much they care for their local area by rolling up their sleeves and cleaning up their community as part of Tidy Wales Week 2012.

Visit to A4E – Colwyn Bay

I was fortunate on Thursday to be the first local MP to visit the new A4e offices in Colwyn Bay which serve the entire county of Conwy.  I was met and escorted around their operations by the local manager, Val Herd, who clearly brings a great passion and committment to her work which is reflected in the enthuthiastic team of eight that she has working on the Work Programme contract here in Conwy.

Virgin, First Group and the North Wales Coast Mainline

Many constituents have contacted me since the announcement of the success of First Group in winning the franchise for the West Coast mainline which includes services utilising the North Wales Coast line.  I must admit to being surprised by this decision.  Whilst it is apparent that the winning bid from First Group was some £1billion in excess of the Virgin bid it is difficult to see that they won the bid on any other criteria.

What does an MP do during recess?

Back from the States I decided to keep the diary going for another two weeks in order to provide a response to the question – why do Members of Parliament have such long holidays.  Well I do hope that offering a flavour of two weeks in the recess will offer some proof that for many of us the recess period is a crucial opportunity to engage fully with issues in the constituency.

Question Time with Guto - August 2012

I would like to invite you to attend one of the three events that I am holding in the constituency this autumn. These events are an informal opportunity for me to tell you what I am doing in Parliament; what plans the Government has for the new parliamentary session and also an opportunity for you to ask questions about on my work as an MP, either in Westminster or here in Aberconwy

Final Day in America

Our final day and there were some very long faces this morning.  The whole trip has been great and as our constant companion throughout (Glen from the State Department) dealt with some issues at check-out,  it was odd to think that at the same time tomorrow we would be landing in Heathrow.


The six MPs were back together this morning under the guidance of World Boston who are managing the Massachusetts leg of the trip.  The first visit of the day was to the Kennedy School of Government which was established as a permanent and positive tribute to John F. Kennedy using a combination of funds raised in the wake of his tragic death and family contributions.

On the way to Boston

No rest even on a Sunday. Today was supposed to be a lie-in followed by an hour drive to Philadelphia Airport to catch a plane to Boston. However, whilst on the train from Washington I explained to Charlie that I was pleased to be paired with a Congressman from Pennsylvania due to the strong Welsh links with the state mentioning in particular the emigrants who left Wales for Pennsylvania to work in the coal and slate industries.