Aberconwy MP highlights Tomlinson report

Guto Bebb, Conservative MP for Aberconwy, led a debate yesterday in Parliament discussing the findings of the Tomlinson Report on bank behaviour. 

Food Banks

I was quoted in the Guardian today from a letter to a constituent discussing food banks. It is unclear to me to what Labour are objecting. I strongly believe that we have a responsibility to help those most vulnerable in society. However I disagree to the generous donations of individuals across the UK being given to those individuals who choose to spend their income on luxuries that families do without.

Fresh Start Project: Mandate for Reform

The EU is currently the slowest growing economic region in the world. This fact alone demonstrates the urgent need for reform of the EU, for the sake of the people of Europe, individual member states, and the concept of a Europe that is stronger together than apart.

Taith Washington – Tachwedd 2013

I ddechrau ymddiheuriadau am yr oedi fu cyn i chi dderbyn rhan olaf fy nyddiadur Washington. Yn wahanol i’r tridiau cyntaf o gyfarfodydd oedd yn rhai agored, roedd y deuddydd olaf yn Drafodaethau Grŵp Seneddol Americanaidd sy’n cael eu cynnal bob amser dan reolau Chatham House. Oherwydd hyn ni fedraf fynd i fanylder am yr hyn a drafodwyd nag am y casgliad y daethpwyd iddo.

Washington Trip – November 2013

First of all, my apologies for the delay in sending you the final instalment of my Washington diary.  Unlike the first three days of meetings which were open the final two days were formal British American Parliamentary Group Discussions which are always held under Chatham House rules.  As such I am unable to go into detail as to what was discussed or the conclusions.

Diwrnod 4 - Washington

O ddarllen dyddiadur ddoe daeth yn amlwg braidd nad oeddwn wedi mopio ‘mhen  gyda’n cyfarfodydd ar Capitol Hill ddoe. Roedd heddiw llawer gwell!  

Day 4 - Washington

Reading my diary from yesterday it was rather apparent that I was less than enamoured by our meetings on Capitol Hill yesterday.  Today was much better!