FUW calls for enquiry into Conwy Council’s Great Orme ‘Witch Hunt’

It is always very concerning when a respected organisation such as the FUW issue such a strong statement.  Guto’s colleague, Janet Finch Saunders, has expressed her concern about this matter and Guto shares her concern and has written to the Chief Executive of Conwy Borough Council in order to tr

Both Parents Matter

Ddydd Gwener 14 Mehefin, mynychodd Guto sesiwn arbennig o “Both Parents Matter” ynghyd â’i gydweithiwr y Ceidwadwr Cymreig Mark Isherwood i glywed am brofiadau personol roedd cymaint o aelodau'r BPM eisiau eu rhannu o’r Llysoedd Teulu.

Both Parents Matter

On Friday 14th June, Guto attended a special session of “Both Parents Matter” along with Welsh Conservative colleague Mark Isherwood to hear of first hand experiences of the Family Courts that many members of BPM wanted to share.

Rotary Club News - Chernobyl Children Lifeline North Wales

Our active local Rotary Club have a special project this month.  They are to be the hosts for a day of entertainment and fund for visiting children from Chernobyl.  Below is their press release about this day which is 25th June along with the itinerary.