Weekly News 4th September 2019

As I write this on a Monday morning before heading down to London there are rumours of a General Election being called by Mr Johnson.  This is despite all his numerous promises not to call an election but then, we really should know better than to believe a single word that this man ever utters.  The reason that an election is being considered is because he knows that he is going to lose in parliament this week.  Whilst Mr Johnson happily undermined and voted against Theresa May as often as he could now that he is in Downing Street, he demands loyalty, with Members of Parliament such as me threatened by his team in Downing Street.  What a way to behave.


Of course, if he does call an election it will be another in a long line of promises broken said since he has become our rather despotic Prime Minister.  Whilst running to be Prime Minister he denied that he would suspend Parliament but last week that is exactly what he did.  In his interviews explaining the U-turn he claimed that the decision was simply in order to allow a Queens Speech in October but that was exposed when the Defence Minister, Ben Wallace, was filmed stating to his French counterpart that the real reason for suspending Parliament was because he did not have a majority and wanted to stop Parliament discussing Brexit.  So, another lie.


On top of these rather serious broken promises we also have Mr Johnson talking about the problems of exporting pork pies but then being flatly contradicted by the actual manufacturer is question.  According to Downing Street Mr Johnson misspoke – again!  This of course followed hot on the heels of his claims that Isle of Mann kippers had to be on a bed of crushed ice due to EU rules – again a false claim which could have been avoided with a minimum amount of research. 


All in all, these lies, and false claims paint a picture of a man ill-suited to the office he holds.  He really does not deserve the support of any decent voter who expects honesty and an attempt to speak the truth from their politicians.  It’s often easy to laugh at such behaviour but his reckless behaviour and failure to speak the truth whilst he was Foreign Minister was no laughing matter for Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe who remains in an Iranian prison.  It’s rather sobering that we are all now in the hands of somebody who has such a poor grasp of truth and a tendency to lie if it suits him.


In short, in my view, Mr Johnson is unfit to be Prime Minister.