Weekly News 2nd October 2019

I had no intention of returning to the subject of our hapless Prime Minister but in view of the events of last week I feel that I have little choice.  Mr Johnson, having claimed that an unprecedented five-week closure of Parliament was something he had every right to ask the Queen to deliver on his behalf was found by the Supreme Court to have acted unlawfully.  There were no excuses left to him as a result of a decision made by 11 judges with not a single judge finding in favour of the Prime Minister.  Consider that simple fact.  The Government, which claimed that the closure of Parliament was entirely lawful, failed to persuade a single Supreme Court Judge that there was merit to their position.  Indeed, if you read the judgement,  it is clear that the Supreme Court simply did not believe the Prime Minister and his absurd claim that he needed to close Parliament for five weeks in order to prepare a Queen’s Speech.


What is even worse is that the Supreme Court upheld, in its entirety, the decision of the highest court in Scotland which held that Mr Johnson had knowingly provided the Queen with unlawful advice.  Staggering.  In a matter of less than three months Mr Johnson - a stranger to the truth - has extended his willingness to mislead and lie to his dealings with the Queen.  It’s frankly astonishing that in her 67 year reign it has taken until now for the Queen to be dragged into the political arena as a result of the wilful and unlawful advice knowingly provided to her by the Prime Minister.  Naturally having been found to have behaved as the rogue we know him to be, even I thought that Mr Johnson would realise that his position was no longer tenable.  The dignity of his office and his obligation not to mislead the Queen and the British people meant that, having been found out, he would resign in an attempt at redeeming himself.  Unfortunately, he did no such thing.


With Parliament recalled we had the sickening sight of Mr Johnson not only attacking the decision of the Court but in effect claiming that his every action was justifiable because he was, after all, Boris Johnson.  How could anybody question his right to abuse the law and mislead the British people?  We should all just know our place and bow to his superiority.  It was the worst, most arrogant performance I have witnessed from any politician and showed once again that this man is unfit to lead this country. 


However, things got worse.  At the end of his self-justifying rant this man, held by the highest court in the country to have offered the Queen unlawful advice, was given a rousing reception by around two thirds of Conservative MPs.  Just imagine that!  A party that has supported our Royal Family and the rule of law was cheering a man who has brought the Queen into disrepute, attacked our judiciary and acted unlawfully.  I felt relieved that I was no longer a Conservative MP having been sacked by Mr Johnson, along with 21 other colleagues, for refusing to support him in early September.  I can hold my head high but those colleagues who supported him and those party members who voted for him really do need to ask themselves a simple question.  What has happened to your moral compass?


Whilst led by Mr Johnson I regret to say that the Conservative Party has no right to govern.