Weekly News 29th May 2019

Young Farmer’s Rally

I was lucky enough to attend the Eryri Young Farmers Rally on Saturday morning to adjudicate on the ‘Contribution to community’ competition and I was glad I did.  Held this year at Tai Hirion, Padog the event was alive with young and old from early morning with a myriad of events going-on in three large sheds on the farm.  The competition between the various clubs was obvious but friendly and I have no doubt that the work being presented and the competition on the day reflected a huge effort on behalf of all the members in attendance.

The ‘contribution to community’ competition was an opportunity to the various clubs to showcase what they had done for their communities over the past year and I was very impressed with the extent and variety of the community work being undertaken by the clubs.  Whether you were a local charity, a village hall or an old people’s home the Young Farmers would have raised money for you, entertained you or undertaken voluntary work on your behalf.  It was an excellent competition to showcase the work that these clubs do week in week out and highlighted the fact that the clubs, whilst deeply rooted in the farming community, are able to contribute to their wider community.

Finally, it would be wrong of me not to acknowledge the many ‘older’ community members from Padog, Ysbyty Ifan, Penmachno, Nebo and Capel Garmon who gave freely of their time in order to support the event whether they were stewards, parking attendants or simply making tea and food.  It was clearly a day for all who see themselves as Young whether they were eight months or over eighty years old!


Resignation of Mrs May

I was sad but not surprised to hear of the Prime Minister’s decision to offer her resignation last Friday.  She has, by her own reckoning, failed to deliver on what she had promised which was an orderly exit from the EU.  I think that much is clear.  However, I will simply state that her effort and work ethic were not the reason for her failure.  If all of us put in the same hours and effort into our work, then I suspect that productivity levels in the UK would improve significantly.  But politics is an ugly business where ultimately you are measured on your achievements and as a Prime Minister during the messy three-year period since the EU referendum Theresa May found herself unable to deliver on the many issues she cared about due to the complexity of Brexit squeezing out time for all other Government initiatives and business.

We now face a new leadership election where the person who persuades Conservative MPs and the 120,000 Conservative Party members will become our Prime Minister.  My main plea to all potential candidates is that they consider with care that they need to win the votes of the 120,000 but they need to Govern on behalf of 62m people.  In my view we are not looking for somebody who appeals in a partisan manner to a faction but rather a leader who is willing to speak and work on behalf of all of us.  I can only hope that such leadership emerges over the next six weeks.