Weekly News 21st August 2019

Busy Summer Recess


Well if you believe the papers, news or social media you may think that all we politicians do is talk about Brexit – all day and every day.  Alternatively, you may think that we are all on an extended summer holiday.  The reality of the matter is  that the summer months are always very busy for constituency MPs as it is an extended period where we can get out and about – to meet supporters and campaigners on issues, to meet our front line public service workers, visit businesses, visit charitable and caring organisations and of course, continue to deal with our constituents worries and problems.  This is a vital part of our work and keeps us in touch with the real “pulse” of our constituency.


So this summer has been no different with issues this week ranging from complaints about road resurfacing, extended excessive waits for hospital treatment, public toilets –(an ongoing issue in every part of the constituency) and HMRC matters.  More specifically we have had some very complex casework challenging local council care home fee calculations and I have had a number of meetings over this summer regarding very complex immigration problems.   So it is a broad variety of work.  Some issues can be dealt with quickly; others take much more time and tenacity!


One issue that has raised its head consistently over the last few years has been the growth of fraud.  It has been a particularly difficult issue for the internet retailers in the constituency who are facing increased costs due to the level of – as they see it – dishonest buyers.  We have had complaints about internet and telephone scams and the most distressing was an elderly gentleman in Penrhyn Bay who lost over 200K in a sophisticated share scamming exercise.  The issue that all of these cases have in common is that local police no longer deal with this type of fraud – all cases are referred to Action Fraud.  So I applaud the excellent investigative journalism of The Times with their reporting about Action Fraud which has identified significant failings in this body who are supposed to be the specialists..  I shall take up this matter on my return to Westminster and keep you updated.


PS to the Eisteddfod


At the Eisteddfod, I had prepared three information boards for the Conservative Party stand about three outstanding public servants who had been Conservative Members of Parliament, representing Llanrwst/Aberconwy.  They were Lord Wyn Roberts of Conwy, Lord Peter Thomas of Gwydir and Geraint Morgan QC MP.  I was however, very disappointed that there were no available photographs of Geraint Morgan.   So the power of the internet came to my rescue!!  Mr. Morgan’s daughter, Frances, got in touch having read the article on Facebook and has kindly let me have a photo.  The internet used as a tool for exchange of information, as I suspect Tim Berners Lee intended!  So , I am happy, on this occasion,  to be “connected”.  Thank you Frances.