Weekly News 18th September 2019

The last time I wrote I was as the Conservative MP for Aberconwy.  Now, not by choice, I am the MP for Aberconwy.  The reasons are simple.  I do not accept that there is a democratic mandate for a no-deal Brexit and I will not support such an outcome.  I supported legislation in the House of Commons to make no deal much more difficult and as a result I, and 21 other Conservative MPs were deprived of the Conservative Whip.  These so called rebels included people who have never voted against the Conservative Party in Parliament such as former Justice Secretary David Gauke, former Chancellor, Philip Hammond and other loyal former Cabinet Ministers such as Rory Stewart and Greg Clarke.  The rebels even included Churchill’s grandson, Sir Nicholas Soames!  What a mess.


The incredible thing is that the decision to remove us from the Conservative Party in Parliament was taken by Boris Johnson, a man who won the leadership of the Party because he had, as he was very proud to tell people, rebelled against the former Prime Minister, Theresa May.  Such hypocrisy is rather amusing if it was not so sad.  The man-child Mr Johnson takes the view that he has a right to rebel but no-one else is allowed to do the same.  No wonder that his brother, Jo Johnson, resigned from Government because he had to put the national interest above his loyalty to his brother.


I am also now on an enforced five week break from Westminster because Mr Johnson, running scared of any scrutiny, decided to suspend Parliament.  As I write the latest Court case has found that Mr Johnson acted unlawfully and offered unlawful advice to the Queen.  Has the man no shame?  He promised that he would not suspend Parliament then he did.  He promised that he would not seek a General Election then he did.  He promised to act with honesty and then promptly misled MPs, the people of this country and the Queen as to why he was suspending Parliament.  As I have said previously – this man is not fit for the office he holds.


I have, however, been offered an opportunity to appeal against the ruling made by Mr. Johnson.  I will be declining to do so.  Whilst this man leads the Conservative Party I have no desire to be tainted by association.  No party, let alone country, should be led by such an individual who is willing to stop at nothing to promote his own ego.  There should be a question mark over any party willing to be led by such a dishonest politician and I am glad to be distanced from his circus. 


However, enforced ban or not I am, for the time being, your MP.  I want to reassure you that my office remains open, my staff remain in post and any support and advice you may need can still be offered.  Whilst some elected representatives compare themselves to the “Incredible Hulk” whilst wasting police time getting them to stand behind them as they make a deeply political speech others simply get on with the job.  As always, my office is open and my team and I are available on 01492 583094.