Wales Office: Brexit

Written question to the Office of the Secretary of State for Wales from Feltham and Heston MP Seema Malhotra.

Question: To ask the Secretary of State for Wales, what estimate he has made of the (a) number of officials to be employed by his Department and (b) his Department's payroll in (i) 2018, (ii) 2019, (iii) 2020, (iv) 2021 and (v) 2022 as a result of the UK leaving EU.  (Seema Malhotra)

Answer: EU Exit is an all-of-government operation. The Department for Exiting the European Union is doing detailed work with departments to prepare for the upcoming negotiations by understanding the risks and opportunities of leaving the EU and coordinating planning.

Staff in the Office’s constitution and policy teams lead on providing advice to Ministers on EU Exit and exit-related issues. Members of staff across the department also provide advice and analysis on EU Exit issues as required.

Given the interactions between EU exit work and the Office’s other priorities, it would not be possible to give an accurate figure. (Guto Bebb, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Wales, Lord Commissioner of HM Treasury)


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