Update on the Cash Machine in Conwy

Today has been most positive in terms of moving forward with the existing stand alone machine and also, for looking for an additional facility for Conwy.


As I have previously mentioned, I am meeting with Nat West later in the month but have today asked for an approach to be made to their head of ATM operations to ask them to urgently reconsider their position.  If successful, this would provide an additional 24 hour facility.


My office have provided a list of all the major events in Conwy to Cashzone which we hope will help Cashzone plan for peaks and troughs of demand.  We have also provided to Link a number of potential sites in Conwy which they are going to investigate.


Both Link and Cashzone are unaware of any applications from any other businesses in Conwy to have a cash machine installed but do have a facility on their website for anyone to suggest a potential spot.  So do go on line if you have a suitable location in mind.  http://www.link.co.uk/Cardholders/SuggestASite/Pages/CustomerSiteSuggestion.aspx