Update on the cash machine – Conwy

We have this afternoon confirmed with Cashzone – the operators of the stand alone machine in Conwy that the fault has been fixed and that the machine is now dispensing cash.

Cashzone have, for security reasons, not been able to share what type of problem the “issue” is but have indicated that the problem is a nationwide issue with this type of machine.

I am currently speaking to Cashzone about future planning regarding cash capacity as it would appear that they have seriously underestimated the use of this machine.  I will provide a further update on this matter when we have a constructive way forward, which I hope will be before Friday.

We have also spoken with Link regarding other potential sites for cash machines within Conwy.  They were unable to confirm to me this afternoon whether any new applications for sites had come in from Conwy but again, have promised to update me as and when they do.  Subject to the applicant being happy for that information to be shared, I will also update you.