Support for Candidates in Free and Fair Elections

I was shocked and deeply saddened to read Emily’s moving account of the events of last year.  I have nothing but sympathy for her.


I also have nothing but praise for North Wales Police and the Parliamentary Police Liaison Team when it comes to the exemplary way that they have dealt with all issues of harassment including death threats and my staff being abused, that I have brought to them.   I think I can say to Emily that they would listen to any of your concerns.


However, this incident and the previous experiences that Emily, Sarah Lessiter-Burgess and others have had during election campaigns does bring up the very important question of what structures are there to protect and support candidates?


The willingness to stand for election is an important part of our democratic process and we have to ensure that as a democratic society we do everything to encourage candidates to stand for elections – from Town and Parish Councillors to Members of Parliament.


I have written today to the Police and Crime Commissioner for North Wales to ask what measures they intend to put in place for the next  election to protect those who have put themselves forward as candidates for the electorate of Aberconwy.