We are always pleased to let you know about the activities of our local Rotary clubs and we are delighted that they have such an active “press coordinator” in Chris Drew of Llandudno.  However, it occurred to us that there may be some of you who don’t know what an interesting organization the Rotary Club is….


So to quote from their own literature;_

“The Rotary Club of Llandudno - and its sister Club Llandudno Gogarth - have 24 Members plus 8 affiliated members and forms part of Rotary International - a global network of service volunteers. Founded in America in 1905, it is the world’s largest service organisation welcomes as members all who seek to advance humanity.” 

That is quite a phrase isn’t it?  What do they mean? Perhaps it is better explained by what they do.  So Rotarians are friends, neighbours, business people who share ideas to make lasting change.  One of the major achievements globally of the Rotarians has been that 2.5 billion children have been inoculated against polio; our local clubs were involved with sending bicycles to Africa.  Rotarians have worked tirelessly areas of sanitation and water abroad but they also focus their energies on local and national issues.  The Rotary website will give you lots more information and also details of your local clubs.

You do not have to be in business or retired to join your local Rotary Club; your ideas and passion are the most important thing.  Of course, there are also social activities – that goes without saying.  We know that you will be very welcome.