National Trivia Day – 4th February

Did you know that 4th February is National Trivia Day?  The day celebrates information of little value and the individuals who not only remember these bits and pieces of useless information but also enjoy sharing them with others.


So, first bit of trivia!  Where does the word trivia come from?  Our trusty dictionary defines “trivia” as a plural noun – unimportant details or pieces of information.  Origin is from Latin – trivium – which literally means – where three roads meet.  So that’s a good start.


We have found some interesting bits of local fun facts/trivia…


Conwy Castle was built by Master Builder James of St. George

Swallow Falls is the most visited waterfall in Britain.

The Great Orme has the largest prehistoric copper mine in the world

Tu Hwnt I’r Bont was a 15th century courthouse

It is claimed that Arthur Guinness took the recipe for his famous brew from a pub in Llanfairfechan.


However, although this may be a “trivial” day, trivia is a great way to start a conversation, engage children in learning and can start a lifelong love of a subject.  Ben Schott certainly managed to make his “Schott’s Miscellany” a best seller.  There is even a charity that uses “Trivia” and “Fun Days” to brighten up the days of in patients.  So, share a bit of trivia today and see where it takes you…..