Have your say on the Welsh Assembly’s name.

As part of the UK Government’s devolution agenda, the Welsh Government and the National Assembly for Wales are expected to receive a range of new powers.  The new powers will provide both organisations with greater responsibility for finding Welsh solutions to Welsh problems, as well as making them more accountable to those living in Wales.

In July 2016 the Welsh Assembly decided that it should take the opportunity to rebrand itself, as a change of name will inspire “confidence, trust and pride” amongst the people of Wales.  Some of the names being considered are the Parliament of Wales, Welsh Parliament, Senedd or Senedd Cymru.  Assembly Members’ titles would be changed accordingly.

The Assembly has launched a consultation for members of the public to put their comments forward.  More information is available online at http://www.assembly.wales/en/abthome/about_us-commission_assembly_administration/abt-commission/Pages/NameChangeConsultation.aspx .