Girl-power prevails at Llandudno Rotary

More news on exciting activities from our local Rotary Club.




21 Rotarians and friends demonstrated their (how can I put this?)  varying skills at the Rotary Club’s Annual Skittles Competition, held at Penrhyn Old Hall on Wednesday 9th October 2019


There are no teams; everyone takes part and each player stays in the game for as long as they hit even one skittle each time they play, plus having two “lives”. As players fall by the wayside over the course of the game, a winner emerges by virtue of outlasting/eliminating everyone else


There was time for three games in total, and each one of the three was won by the wife of a Rotarian, namely Dianne Thomas, followed by Gill Butler and then Brenda Guinn


None of the gents was heard to complain about this state of affairs – clearly a wise bunch of experienced Rotarians!


Thanks to Penrhyn Hall for the meal and the facilities and to Rotarian Steve Butler for organising this enjoyable annual event