Farm Africa launches Coffee is Life UK Aid Match appeal

International development charity Farm Africa has launched the Coffee is Life appeal to raise funds to help farmers in eastern Africa run profitable businesses. Supporters of the appeal include the NFU.   Farm Africa is aiming to raise more than £170,000 through the appeal and the UK Government will match all donations from the UK public. Donations will support Farm Africa projects across eastern Africa, and the matched funding unlocked from the UK government will directly fund a Farm Africa project that will give women in Kanungu in western Uganda the opportunity to make a decent living from coffee farming.

Coffee is Uganda’s most valuable crop, yet coffee farmers are struggling to get by as they lack the tools, training and bargaining power needed to grow enough coffee and sell it for a fair price. Women suffer the most as they provide the bulk of the low paid, unskilled labour, while men own the land and make most of the profit. Women typically earn 38% less than men.

The Farm Africa project in Kanungu will help female farmers gain access to the land they need to grow coffee on, set up savings associations so they have access to finance to invest in developing their businesses, and support to take on leadership roles within their local coffee cooperatives. A gift of £11 could train one farmer to produce high-quality coffee.

Donations to the Coffee is Life appeal from individuals based in the UK will be doubled by the Government through UK Aid Match between 8 February and 8 May 2019.


If you want to know more, or get involved with this or any other project of Farm Africa go to their website