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Labour’s Palestinian vote damages Britain, writes Guto Bebb MP.

The lauded Israeli diplomat Abba Eban once noted of the Palestinian leadership: they never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. His comments were made following the failure of yet another round of peace talks (Geneva, 1973) between Israel and the Palestinians – a dilemma that plagues politicians around the world to this day.As for Ed Miliband and his Labour Party, they never miss an opportunity to go to war with themselves. In a backbench business debate today, Labour will rip itself apart on the issue of Israel and Palestine. The MP Grahame Morris has put forward a motion, in the House of Commons: “This House urges the government to recognise the State of Palestine alongside the State of Israel”.The motion, which is against official Labour Party policy, ignores decades of peace talks and would undermine all international efforts to achieve a negotiated two-state solution between the Israelis and Palestinians. It is also being presented as a “major vote”, when, in fact, it is purely a symbolic one – it is non-binding and has no implications for British foreign policy.

Adjournment Debate 9th September 2014 - North Wales Police and Anonymous Blog Site

North Wales Police and Anonymous Blog SiteMotion made, and Question proposed, That this House do now adjourn.—(Alun Cairns.)7.54 pmGuto Bebb (Aberconwy) (Con): I am pleased to have secured this debate on the relationship between North Wales police and a local anonymous blog site. I suspect that I am not the first or last MP to highlight issues of internet trolling and online harassment, and I suppose there will be further debates of this nature in the House in due course. In this debate I hope to the hear the Government’s views on what police forces should do when complaints are brought to their attention. I will also highlight concerns about the lack of consistency across police forces, where the stated manner of dealing with such issues in the Hertfordshire constabulary, for example, can be contrasted with the manner in which North Wales police have dealt with numerous complaints about a rather vicious and nasty local blog.

EU Referendum Bill

As you might be aware I am a sponsor of the EU referendum bill which passed through the House of Commons with not a single MP voting against the measure which would enshrine in law the guarantee of a referendum on our future membership of the European Union to be held no later than 2017.

Aberconwy MP highlights Tomlinson report

Guto Bebb, Conservative MP for Aberconwy, led a debate yesterday in Parliament discussing the findings of the Tomlinson Report on bank behaviour. 

Food Banks

I was quoted in the Guardian today from a letter to a constituent discussing food banks. It is unclear to me to what Labour are objecting. I strongly believe that we have a responsibility to help those most vulnerable in society. However I disagree to the generous donations of individuals across the UK being given to those individuals who choose to spend their income on luxuries that families do without.