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S4C News: Guto Bebb promoted to Under Secretary of State for Wales

S4C News, 19 March 2016  19:18“Three Welsh MPs have been promoted, following the resignation of Iain Duncan Smith.  Preseli Pembrokeshire MP Stephen Crabb is the new Work and Pensions Secretary, Alun Cairns is the Welsh Secretary and Guto Bebb is his deputy.” 

BBC 1 Wales News: Guto Bebb promoted to Under Secretary of State for Wales

BBC 1 Wales News, 19 March 2016  18:28“Alun Cairns will have to see through some major government commitments on infrastructure and big changes to the way that devolution works.  The final change is that the Aberconwy MP Guto Bebb will become a Wales Office Minister, an appointment the UK Government hopes will help deal with complaints that the North is too often ignored.”

BBC Radio Wales News: Guto Bebb promoted to Under Secretary of State for Wales

BBC Radio Wales News, 19 March 2016  12:01“This morning the Prime Minister named Mr. Crabb’s replacement.  Alun Cairns, the MP for the Vale of Glamorgan, takes over as the new Welsh Secretary, the Aberconwy MP Guto Bebb has been named as the Under Secretary of State at the Wales Office and a Government whip.”

National Wildlife Crime Unit funding protected until 2020.

Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Environmental and Rural Affairs, Rory Stewart MP, has made a written statement confirming that HM Government has committed to fund the National Wildlife Crime Unit until 2020.  Aberconwy MP Guto Bebb commented, “I am pleased to hear the Government is committing to fund this important police unit.  Whether it’s poaching, hunting endangered species or trading in ivory or tortoiseshell, wildlife crime can have a profound impact at home in the UK and abroad as well.” 

Court dismisses Barclays and KPMG swaps case.

Marion Dakers, writing for the Telegraph online, “Lawyers for the victim of a mis-sold interest rate swap are preparing an appeal after losing a legal challenge to Barclays’ compensation scheme.Holmcroft Properties brought a judicial review of parts the bank’s redress programme last year after it was offered £500,000 in compensation but not paid for the loss of several properties when its payments under a rate swap ballooned as interest rates fell.After a series of hearings, the High Court judges found that while KPMG was hired to oversee Barclays’ redress scheme at the request of the regulator, it was not carrying out a public role and so could not be the subject of a judicial review…Guto Bebb, the MP for Aberconwy who has campaigned for victims of mis-sold swaps, said the Holmcroft ruling “further illustrates the failures of the FCA's review into the behaviour of the bank”.“There is a real risk that if this case is concluded here, the banks will take it as permission to return to the unsavoury practices that caused so much damage to so many small businesses.”

Jobs, the EU referendum and zip wires - Welsh Questions.

David Cornock, writing for BBC News Online, "The economy was the big issue, with Aberconwy's Guto Bebb highlighting the growth of a company, Zipworld, which is run by his constituent, Sean Taylor , which now employs 220 people (from a standing start four years ago) on a zip wire attraction in north Wales.Mr Bebb was in turn told by the minister Alun Cairns: "Many MPs will appreciate the difficulties that zip wires can offer [it's open season on Boris Johnson in government this week] but I pay tribute to my honourable friend who is a true champion of zip wires". Hold that thought while you read the Hansard report of the exchanges here."

Tampon Tax Fund - Wales.

HM Government announced at Autumn Statement 2015 that it will operate a new £15 million annual fund to support women's charities. This is equivalent to the VAT raised on sanitary products each year. The fund will run over the course of this Parliament, or until the UK can apply a zero rate on sanitary products.Should you wish to nominate any causes for funding, you should do so by Monday 22 February by emailing TamponTax.Fund@HMTreasury.gsi.gov.uk.

Guto Bebb supports Homes for Heroes Foundation launch in Parliament.

Aberconwy MP Guto Bebb has welcomed a new Foundation which has been launched in the Houses of Parliament help tackle housing problems faced by ex-service personnel.The cross party Homes for Heroes Foundation has been launched by former Housing Minster Grant Shapps MP, fellow MP Jake Berry and General Lord Richards, the former Chief of the Defence Staff.

MPs debate the FCA: Seven things you might have missed.

Marion Dakers, writing for The Telegraph, "Mark Garnier, a Conservative who also sits on the Treasury Select Committee, tried to introduce a footballing analogy to defend the FCA. It didn’t go well. "Have we perhaps, on occasion, been guilty of what sports commentators do when a poor goalkeeper successfully saves many, many shots, but, when he lets through one crucial goal, is criticised by everybody for not being up to the job?” he said. "It is also important to consider the successes. The FCA has managed to bring substantial fines for foreign exchange and Libor rigging. It even managed to bring a case through the Serious Fraud Office that sadly resulted in no convictions last week, when six foreign exchangers, who allegedly tried to fiddle the fixings, were acquitted. None the less, to get it to court was quite a success."This led to the Deputy Speaker warning him against mentioning Bolton Wanderers, his ailing team of choice, before Guto Bebb piled in with his own analogy based on Everton’s hapless goalkeeper Tim Howard. "It is not that he made one mistake and allowed one goal to be scored; he has conceded half a dozen such goals this season. It is the same with the regulator.”