Holocaust Memorial Day.

Holocaust Memorial Day is an annual series of events, held each year on 27 January.

Scottish Conservatives set to make first visit to Israel.

Conservative Friends of Israel is coordinating a delegation to Israel next week for nine Conservative Members of the Scottish Parliament. The trip, the first of its sort, will be led by Conservative Chief Whip John Lamont MSP. This follows the substantial seat gain by the Conservative Party in the Scottish Parliament elections of May 2016, with 31 seats won by Ruth Davidson’s party, displacing the Labour Party as the second largest party in the Scottish Parliament.

Elie Wiesel passes away.

Elie Wiesel passed away, aged 87, on 2 July, 2016.  Born in Sighet, Romania in 1928, Wiesel was deported along with his family to Auschwitz concentration camp in 1944.  After the death of his mother and sister, Wiesel and his father were moved to Buchenwald Concentration where his father later died.  Wiesel survived to see the camp liberated by US forces in April 1944.For ten years after the war Wiesel refused to share his experiences of the Holocaust.  He reconsidered after meeting French Nobel Laureate Francois Mauriac, who believed it was important that he share his experiences.  Wiesel spent the rest of his life drawing attention to genocide and racism.  He founded the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity in 1986.  He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986, the Nobel Committee describing him as "one of the most important spiritual leaders and guides in an age when violence, repression and racism continue to characterize the world."

Remembering Bergen-Belsen - 71 years later.

On 15 April 1945, the 11 Armoured Division of the British Army liberated Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. This was a hugely significant moment and perhaps the first time that the British public began to understand the true horrors of the Holocaust.  71 years later, the Holocaust Educational Trust is remembering the compassion, kindness and strength shown by the British men and women who, when confronted with unimaginable horrors, helped the survivors regain not only their health but also their humanity. 

Are you being unfairly treated in the FCA Review process as an RBS customer?

Cat MacLean of MBM Commercial LLP, writing on LinkedIn, “In banking’s equivalent of the medical postcode lottery a senior Tory MP has claimed that RBS is treating its customers much less fairly than other banks in the FCA Review into interest rate swap claims.Aberconwy MP Guto Bebb has become a name to watch for those affected by the interest rate swap misselling scandal. He has campaigned tirelessly for those whose lives and businesses have been decimated as a result of being missold toxic “hedging” products, and last month was key to the securing of the parliamentary debate into whether the FCA is fit for purpose. Unfortunately, due to filibustering on the part of the government, the regulator ultimately escaped a vote of no confidence."

Profile: Tory MP Guto Bebb on fighting the FCA and rebuilding trust in regulation.

Mark Sands, writing for Money Marketing, “Last month, Aberconwy MP Guto Bebb was just another one of the Conservatives’ rebellious back-benchers. A forthright campaigner, Bebb may be known among advisers as the man behind the parliamentary debate into whether the FCA is fit for purpose.While the regulator ultimately escaped a vote of no confidence, Bebb has been part of a movement that has already forced multiple concessions from the Government, defeating Chancellor George Osborne’s plans for both pension tax relief reform and changes to tax credits.The recently proposed (and now spiked) cuts to personal independence payments saw Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith resign in protest, and, in the mini-reshuffle that followed, Bebb was promoted to under-secretary of state for Wales, and named a Government whip."