Washington Day 1

I write this as I am flying to Washington once again.  I was fortunate enough to be selected to be part of an eight strong delegation, six MPs and two Peers, to attend talks with Members of Congress and representatives of State Governors and the Mayors of substantial cities in the US. 

Guto Bebb MP supports National Radiator Day

 National Radiator Day, this year on 1st November, is designed to raise awareness of simple and cheap ways to improve the efficiency of radiators, keeping homes warmer and energy bills down.

Haf yn San Steffan

Haf yn San Steffan Rwy’n ymwybodol iawn fod fy nyddiaduron yn araf ac anwadal eu hamseru felly mi ddechreuaf yn syml gydag ymddiheuriad. Bu tymor yr haf yn San Steffan yn un prysur iawn a rhaid i mi gyfaddef fy mod yn falch iawn o gael mynd ar wyliau ddiwedd Gorffennaf.Ond rwyf wedi bod nôl yma yn y swyddfa ers dechrau Awst a rŵan mod i wedi dal i fyny efo’ ngwaith papur, teimlais y dylwn gyfeirio o leiaf at uchafbwyntiau tymor yr haf yn San Steffan.

Summer in Westminster

Summer in Westminster
I am very aware that my diary efforts are becoming rather tardy in terms of timing so I will start off with a simple apology.  The summer term in Westminster was very busy and I must admit to have been very pleased to go off on holiday in late July.
However, I have been back in the office since early August and now that I’m on top of my paperwork I thought I should at least talk about the highlights of the summer term at Westminster.

February Recess to Easter

In addition to being bitterly cold in London and North Wales the period between February and Easter was also very busy. 

Guto Bebb invites you to hear from business specialists in Llandudno

Last year was a very challenging year for businesses in the Aberconwy Constituency and 2013 will also be a tough year for small businesses in most of the UK as we struggle in economically difficult times.  One of the most common problems facing businesses that have come to me since my election is the difficulties they face attempting to improve their product and develop their business with little support from their banks.

New Year to February Recess

Once again I have seen two months pass almost in the blink of an eye and despite the extreme cold outside as I write I suspect that spring will soon be in the air.  We can only hope!

Mis-selling derivatives

Thousands of businesses have fallen into financial distress after being allegedly mis-sold a number of interest rate hedging products by Britain’s biggest banks. Conservative MP Guto Bebb became aware of the issue in October 2011 when a constituent, Colin Jones, visited his surgery and told him of his situation. Since then, the UK lawmaker for the Welsh constituency of Aberconwy has led the drive to force regulators into their recent review and pilot scheme to determine the scope and scale of the multibillion-pound scandal.