Rotary Club News - Chernobyl Children Lifeline North Wales

Our active local Rotary Club have a special project this month.  They are to be the hosts for a day of entertainment and fund for visiting children from Chernobyl.  Below is their press release about this day which is 25th June along with the itinerary.

Chefs’ association takes Wales’ craft butchers under its wing

The Welsh Culinary Association was formed in June 1993.  It has been re-branded and now known as the Culinary Association of Wales exists to promote excellence in the art of professional cookery within Wales.  The Association is a partnership of Professional Chefs and Caterers whose mission is to

Trwyddedau Teledu dros 75

Mae’n ymddangos bod llawer o ddiddordeb wedi cael ei greu gan gyhoeddiad y BBC ar ôl iddo gwblhau ei ymgynghoriad.  Roeddem yn meddwl y gall y cefndir canlynol fod o gymorth.  Byddwn yn cyhoeddi mwy o wybodaeth ynglŷn â Chredydau Pensiwn a chymhwysedd cyn bo hir.

TV licences for over-75s

A considerable amount of interest appears to have been generated by the BBC’s announcement after the completion of its consultation.  We thought that the following background may be helpful.  We shall be publishing some further information on Pension Credits and eligibility shortly.

Gwybodaeth - Pension Credit

Mae credyd pensiwn yn fudd-dal seiliedig ar incwm sy’n cynnwys dwy ran – Credyd Gwarant a Chredyd Cynilion.

Mae’r Credyd Gwarant yn ychwanegu at eich incwm wythnosol os yw hwnnw yn llai na £167.25 (ar gyfer pobl sengl) neu £255.25 (ar gyfer cyplau).