National Trivia Day – 4th February

Did you know that 4th February is National Trivia Day?  The day celebrates information of little value and the individuals who not only remember these bits and pieces of useless information but also enjoy sharing them with others.


RBS and GRG – James Hurley of The Times continues the story

Guto was heavily involved in trying to resolve the scandal of Interest Rate Swop Mis-selling, founding an APPG on that subject which has now become the APPG for Fair Banking.  Redress for mis sold swaps was found for thousands of small businesses but many others have still not been satisfactorily

Ar y diwrnod hwn - 28ain Ionawr 2019

Yn 1895, er mwyn rhybuddio pobl a oedd yn pasio heibio, roedd yn rhaid i chi gael rhywun yn cario baner o flaen eich car! Y terfyn cyflymder cenedlaethol oedd 2 filltir yr awr.

On this day - 28th January 2019

In 1895, in order to warn passers by, you had to have a flag bearer walking in front of your car!   The national speed limit was 2 mph.   Frustrated motorists were keen to get about faster and on 28th January 1896 – Walter Arnold of East Peckham, Kent, became the first person to be convicted of s