European Commission and IT Companies announce Code of Conduct on illegal online hate speech

The European Commission has agreed this week along with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft a code of conduct with IT companies in order to combat the spread of hate speech online. The agreement means social media companies will have to swiftly review "hate speech" online when it is reported. It has arisen in part, due to the recent wave of terrorist attacks across Europe and the rest of the world.  

Ymweliadau Ysgolion â’r Senedd – lleoedd ar gael rhwng Medi a Rhagfyr 2016

Roeddwn am i chi wybod bod lleoedd ar gael i ysgolion ymweld â’r Senedd rhwng Medi a Rhagfyr 2016. Mae’r ymweliadau hyn ar gael yn rhad ac am ddim i ysgolion ac maent yn agored i ddisgyblion rhwng 5 a 18 oed. Gall ysgolion cymwys yn yr etholaeth wneud cais am gynhorthdal teithio (Transport Subsidy) tuag at gostau’r ymweliad.   

Dogs Trust’s position on fireworks

For many dogs and their owners, firework season is one they will be dreading. In a recent Dogs Trust survey[1] of 3,750 pet owners found that two-thirds of dogs are worried by fireworks and that 93% of their owners alter their routine during fireworks celebrations to try to minimise the trauma on their pets. 

School visits to Parliament – places now available for September–December 2016

I wanted to let you know that places are now available for school visits to Parliament, between September and December 2016. Visits are free of charge for all schools and open to students aged 5 to 18. As you may be aware, eligible schools in your constituency can apply for a Transport Subsidy to support the costs of visiting.