British Small Vineyard Relief

I am delighted to support a proposal to introduce a British Small Vineyard Relief to give vineyards across the country and those in your constituency a welcome boost by providing the conditions that they need to grow.


I have added my support to a letter sent to the Chief Secretary to the Treasury setting out the case for freezing or lowering duties placed on small vineyards like local award-winning vineyard, Gwinllan Conwy in my constituency. For example, wine duty has risen by 39 per cent since 2010 and the UK pays 68 per cent of all wine duties across Europe and 43 per cent of sparkling wine duties.


Since the introduction of Small Breweries’ Relief, a substantial number of microbreweries have benefitted from the favourable market conditions and have increased the level of competition into the market. There is also an impressive and wide variety of ales and beers in pubs and bars across the constituency, made by local breweries, which is testament to the changes made at a fiscal level. HM Treasury is currently reviewing Small Breweries’ Relief and I believe that now is the right time to show our support for British vineyards by extending relief to vignerons and vintners.


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