BBC News - More rural Welsh communities to get broadband cash.

UK Government has announced an additional £650m funding package to support the roll out of fibre broadband in the UK, with £56 being earmarked for Wales.  

Wales Office Minister Guto Bebb spoke to BBC news about how this funding would help rural communities in Wales.  You can watch Guto's online at .

Speaking to the BBC, Guto said:

Certainly the figures show that the roll out programme in England is slightly ahead of Wales but the truth of the matter is 11% of the total funding for this programme initially came to Wales.  If you look at the population structure it should have been 5% and of this additional funding today Wales is getting almost 10%, so again well above our population needs.  We are getting money because obviously we have more difficult to reach areas.

Some £650m of new spend is being created today of which some £56m will be coming to Wales which will ensure some of those rural areas who have still not benefitted from broadband roll out will do so moving forward.