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Llandudno Rotary have certainly had some interesting talks of late.  Following on from the well known Weekly news journalist – Judith Phillips, the April meeting saw Chris Dearden talking to Llandudno Rotary members and contrasting the worlds of broadcaster and newspaper journalism.   Chris is again, very well known and respected in our community not only for his work with the BBC.  But perhaps he intends to talk on another occasion about his “musical” involvement and his use of his “broadcasting” skills for a different type of “news” – so we won’t steal his thunder!


The talks that we have been publicising have a very broad appeal and Llandudno Rotary will genuinely just welcome you for that evening – there is no accompanying sales pitch!!  Do take a look at the programme and see what else they have scheduled for this year. 


News from Llandudno Rotary’s April Meeting


BBC – local TV and Radio reporting


Many will recognise the man in the photo as being Chris Dearden, the BBC Wales Reporter of many years standing


Chris addressed 13 members and an equal number of visitors at a Llandudno Rotary meeting held at the Cae Mor Hotel on Tuesday 2nd April


Chris has worked for the BBC for 20 years and in North Wales since 2003. In that time, although there has been an explosion in social media and a revolution in the way TV itself is presented, Chris stressed that the one unchanging factor is  - quite simply – people.


Obvious perhaps, but what to most of Chris’s audience was much less obvious – until was  pointed out - is the distinction between paper journalism and broadcast journalism. The sleuthing required to get the story is the same, and yet the broadcaster has to coax those in the news to tell the story themselves, whereas a paper journalist is tasked with writing up the story around the person, perhaps not even in their presence


It is a testament to Chris’s talk that many of our visitors had responded to an invitation in social media to visit Rotary. Why not check us out at and if there’s one of our meetings that interests you, be our welcome guest. Just let us know beforehand by e-mail at and a warm welcome awaits