PUBLIC MEETING Glan y Mor Road/Siop Ffon Tom Crossing 17th April 2019 at Llanrhos Old Schoolroom. Llanrhos.

Wednesday, 17th April 2019
5.30pm -6.30pm

This crossing was closed in 2011 and Guto Bebb MP and Cllr. Mike Priestley have made an application to have the crossing re-opened.  (The method of doing this is to apply for an addition/amendment to the Definitive Map.)


Network Rail have objected so there is to be a Public Enquiry at the Conwy Business Centre on 15th – 17th May 2019 and also 22nd May 2019 if required.  


This second public meeting on 17th April 2019 will be an opportunity for Guto and Mike to advise local residents on the comments that have been received from Network Rail and also to find out which residents intend to speak at the enquiry.  Mike will outline the contribution that would be most valuable to assist in persuading the Inspector.


The meeting will open promptly at 5.30pm and close at 6.30pm.  Mike, Guto and their staff will endeavour to answer any questions residents may have.  Again it is important that we present our evidence in a co-ordinated manner that will support the case.


Other locally elected officials will be invited to attend and join the audience but the meeting will be chaired and hosted by Mike and Guto as this is the last chance we shall have to meet before the Enquiry.

It would be most helpful, if you are planning to attend, if you would call Guto’s office on 01492 583094 or email